Looking even closer

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My first thought with these cards was, "Meh, the same as the first day's mindfulness cards," and was about to dismiss them, when I realized that, uh, so what if they are pretty much the same? All of mindfulness is pretty much the same, and can be boiled down to "Pay attention to the now." So, instead of dismissing the "Mindfulness - Look even closer" part of the card as "already done," I paid attention to the details today.

In particular, hey, I found a moment, I was MINDFUL of a moment, when I was beginning to be bored. It was, unsurprisingly, on an exercise machine. Surprisingly, it was while listening to an audiobook, which usually makes potentially boring exercising okay with me, since I'm multitasking.

Not today.

Might mean I'm listening to the wrong book. Or a boring one.

I took the moment to consider how I was feeling, what parts were sore, what parts were tired. I decided that, no, they were fine, burning only a little bit, and pushed through. Hard and enjoyable working. I'd venture that perhaps more enjoyable because of the mindfulness.

Day 4 of this Journey

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Day 4 in this strange new world and I have had a breakthrough! I am delighted and giddy about how much I have accomplished, but first, my observations.

The giant fireball in the sky has been hidden by a seemingly flat expanse of micro-water particles in higher density than previously observed. Occasionally, these micro-particles coalesce into larger ones and fall to the ground. I have been struck by many of these, so have chosen to remain in the dwelling of my benefactors. As mentioned previously in this journal, the rotation of this planet, coupled with its elliptical orbit, has caused fluctuations in the surface weather, resulting in the lower altitudes of the micro water particles, as illustrated thus:

When the temperatures dropped as a result of the planet's rotation and this surface region rotated away from the giant nuclear fireball in the sky, the water particles' motion slowed until they changes phase from liquid to solid on the surface vegetation. I have captured an example:

Today's breakthrough involves the smallest being in the domicile I am currently occupying. The small beast has thus far been unwilling to engage with me in a manner similar to the rest of the beings in the household. The small beast chooses to speak to me with loud, sharp, non-patterned sounds in its native tongue, instead of using the varying, harmonious, and patterned sounds of the three larger beings. It also reveals its sharp eating appendages, threatening to use them upon my flesh. I have previously kept my distance from this strange beast.

This morning, as I was sitting on the ground, said beast approached me in a seeming docile, cautious manner.

I responded in a similarly cautious manner, and succeeded in touching the beast without injury to self.

I shall continue to observe the beast's mannerisms, as I do not trust this change of heart fully.

Perhaps continuing to bribe it with the orange roots it seems so fond of eating, will help.

More Mindfulness Cards

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I expect to stick with these mindfulness cards for less than a week, because I'm realistic like that with my expectations. Most definitely not going the 48 full days.

Today's card off the top of the deck is "Listen to the Body."

This one is so, so, so true: that one's body gives warning signs before a full-blown reminder to take care of one's self. I usually carry my stress in my shoulders, manifesting in headaches, but sitting too long one day (think "flight from Sydney") will cause back pains for days. Movement being the best cure for those particular back pains.

I don't believe I do a good job of listening to the subtle body signals. Perhaps today will be the point where that changes.


Taking Delivery

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One year in college, I went with my boyfriend to his house for Christmas. It was a pleasant trip, I have fond memories, some less fond memories, and a towel from the trip. The towel is a clear indicator that it wasn't a bad trip.

During the trip, his family was a bit consternated: they were taking delivery of a new couch, but no one was going to be home to receive it. BF's dad was going to work. BF's mom was out somewhere else. BF had a Mustang motor to pick up. BF's sister would be at school. What to do? What to do?

Um.... hello?

I offered, since I didn't have any plans other than hang out at the house anyway. The delivery guys delivered the couch, put it where I was told to tell them to put it, and left. Hours later, the family returns.

It was the wrong couch.

Well, not exactly. It was mostly the right couch, but some parts of it were wrong, something about the cushions and the back. Where the parts went wrong was unclear to everyone: on order, on manufacture, or on delivery. I didn't have any part of the wrong-couch resolution, and don't have any idea what subsequently happened. For all I know, said delivered couch is still in said house, years later.

So, last night, when Claire mentioned to Matthew that she would be out when he and Sagan would be out, and that the plumber would be arriving when all three were out, I immediately offered to be available to greet the plumber and escort her to the "work site," memories of the wrong couch floating up to the front of my brain. I asked lots of questions about what would be done, who was coming over, how much knowledge do they have about the problem, where should I take them, just to make sure we don't have another wrong-couch (wrong pipe?) incident.

And here I am, waiting for a plumber.

I just hope she doesn't deliver the wrong pipe.

My Kingdom for an I

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After dinner tonight, Matthew, Claire, and I played a game of Scrabble.

For the record, I am not good at Scrabble. Yes, I can find words easily, I can often make 5 or 6 letter words. What I can't do is find words that are strategically good or positions for the words I do make or calculate the statistically feasibility of my getting that ONE MORE LETTER I NEED to make a 7 letter word.

I just like to make words from letters. The License Plate Torture game CLEARLY shows this.

In my effort of saying yes to social activities with my friends, even when I what I really want to do is hermit with a book or laptop, despite my clear Scrabble handicap, I said yes to this game.

And managed these opening tiles:

I nearly forgot there was an X, with this brilliant set of tiles.

My kingdom for an I.