2006 resolutions

Next year's resolutions. Pretty much the same as last year. More aggresive on the project completion

  1. resist feeding Bella or Annie from the table
  2. weekly workouts (weightlifting 2x week, aerobics 5x week, throwing 5x week)
  3. Finish dealing with body hair
  4. Launch a new project website each month
  5. Redo ultimateteam.org website as a drupal website
  6. purchase 100 shares of 15 of the 20 stocks on my to-buy list
  7. go on 3 vacations this year.
  8. write 12 drupal modules
  9. complete > five cards a week
  10. reduce total card count by >= 3 a week
  11. get rid of one thing a day
  12. finish the living and guest room decorating
  13. landscape the front yard
  14. pack at least the second night before a trip
  15. process all the junk boxes in the garage
  16. floss more days a week than I don't floss
  17. prepare 15 of the 21 weekly meals (20 of 28, if snacks are included)