Well, That's Interesting

Daily Photo

This was under my car when I parked in downtown Portland.

Given how much the windows were boarded up for the protests against the police in this town, the sign is rather... uh... interesting.

Oregon Blackberries


Claire and I went blackberry picking this morning. She asked if I wanted to go, and yes, I wanted to go. I was unsure how far away the blackberries were: they were not far.

Drive to the beach, walk about a hundred meters, pick blackberries.

Picking wasn't difficult, they were plentiful.


And ripe, falling off into our hands.


Claire asked what my plans were for the blackberries. My plan is to overnight them to Mom tomorrow morning. We'll see how they look in the morning. If they will survive the shipping, I'll mail them. If not, I'll freeze them and maybe make a blackberry ice cream or blackberry syrup soon.


Book Notes


Daily Photo

It wasn't until I actually looked at this picture that I noticed just how many holes there are in the petals of these flowers.

And yet, the flowers are still lovely, flaws and all. They greeted me on my morning walk today.

Eric's mother held daisies when she married his father. I find them lovely now that I have a story to attach to the flowers.

The Last Emperox

Book Notes

This Will Do


I had, for much of May and June, been working on being able to pull up on the bar that hung in the office doorway. The consistency of trying every time I walked through the door meant that I was able, when standing under the bar, to reach up and pull myself up so that my chin was to the bar. I could do a pull up.

I was still working on a pull up from a dead hang, but had managed only about three centimeters of lifting from a full-weight, straight-arm hang. Standing under the bar and reaching up into a pull-up, I was going through maybe two-thirds of the range of arm motion.

Still, I was able to do a pull up.

Yes, that was another 2020 BINGO square crossed off. Yay!

Sadly, I don't have access to a bar hanging in the door I walk through most frequently these days. I miss being able to stretch on the bar, and try a pull up. So, on today's walk, I wandered to the local park, looking for bars I can wipe down, disinfect, and work on my pull-ups. I had six locations scouted out: four parks and two schools. I was most hopeful for the fourth park I was planning on trying, as it has the most extensive playground.

Turns out, I lucked out on the first park, the one closest to me.

This will do.