The Bell Jar

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Chase Howled!


Chase howled at me this morning when I didn't feed him fast enough. I hadn't heard his voice in months before he howled at me, which means hearing his voice makes me so happy!

After his howling and his feeding, he, unsurprisingly, refused to sit still. I mean, he always refuses to sit still for the camera, which is fine in and of itself, but when he's being super cute and alive ALIVE, I kinda want a picture of him.

Instead, a pooping proof of life.

He's going to love that.

The October Man

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The Spy and The Traitor

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8830 * 39 / 13005

Uhhhhhhhp. My stride hasn't changed much in the last 20 years.

Tonight's Visitor


Eric says if they have claws, they are lizards, and that geckos have pads.

Ehhhhhhhh... I am so uncertain about this one.

New color, too. Usually they are tan, not pink.