Achy This and Achy That


Can't sit, lower back aches from sitting too much.

Can't stand, two toes ache from being broken too much.

Can't walk, desk lacks the treadmill under it.

Talk about can't win today.

Except, you know what? I can still stand. I can still walk. I can still be all achy. So, on the grand scheme of things, doing okay.

The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet

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A Universe From Nothing

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Deep Freeze

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My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry

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Limits of my Superpowers


"Remove this link from this search engine results page."

Okay, you got me. You have discovered the edge of my superpowers. I am unable to actually remove items from other companies' websites or any website not under my control.


I am, however, COMPLETELY WILLING to explain the internet to anyone who is interested in learning how it works. LMK.