Back to the real world


Regionals are over, it's time to head back to the real world. It's been an interesting season with Mischief. We went from barely staying together as a team to 5th at Regionals (up from a seeding of 9th), thanks largely to the Smith Brothers: Mark, Kyle and Kevin. Which is not to say the rest of the team wasn't instrumental, just that they are our stars.

I played a lot in the tournament. I pretty much played as much as I could. If I stood up and looked at Andy when he was calling players on the line, he called me in. It's an interesting position to be in: at the top of the roster. I'll admit to being at the bottom for so long, that it feels uncomfortable to be one of the players that always goes in. On the other hand, it's why I took the classes at ASA.

I left regionals sore, but not tired. It's been a LONG, long time since I've been sore at the end of a tournament. It just doesn't happen any longer because of the amount of ultimate I play. However, taking about a month off, then playing hard at Regionals, well, made me sore.

My highlight reel from Regionals:

  • Kris going up for the huck and skying the guy 6" taller than he.
  • Stopping CTR's Chuckles in an iso play, where it was she against me, and Mark intercepted the throw to her (with Rick's voice in my ears the whole time, encouraging me to stick with her).
  • Kevin's handblock next to the sideline
  • Kyle's many layout grabs

There are more. I'm sure I'll think of them.

What I need to do now is research toenail removal surgery. I keep jamming my big toe toenails and having them fall off. Better to just get rid of them then continue this cycle, I think.