ASA MVP class of ass kicking


G was back at ASA today, so our twice weekly ass kicking happened again today. We were horsing around at the beginning of class, and jumping to touch a hanging cord. When I jumped, I think I jumped all of 6". G started laughing at me. I almost cried from embarrassement. All this crying lately. Bah.

May not have time to write it all up, so here's an outline until I do have time. Kris ended up doing a slightly different workout because his upper body strength is much greater. Of course, that just means that G can torture him with heavier weights, more explosive exercises and more lifts. Heh heh heh.

warmup of 3# lifts (front, side, back, front with "pouring")

We also practiced throwing a rubber ball against the wall.

ladders (the usual plus: quick feet of one foot per square
  and high knees; and facing sideways, RL tap outside, then
  RL inside)
  We also did zig-zag ladders, where we went forward, then
  shuffled sideways, then forward, then sideways, etc.

More arm warmups: 3 sets of throws with a 1.5# weighted 
  1.  Stand about 10 feet from a wall, back to the wall,
  left foot in front.  Bend over and cross arms near the
  floor, explosively standup and throw the ball backward
  2. Start the same way, explosively stand up, twist and
  throw the ball at the wall (throwing normally, like a
  3. Same as 2, but throw the ball like a frisbee (same
  motion, but with a ball)

As a interesting aside, we took the balls in our hands,
vertically, bouncing it back and forth between our two
hands.  We did this for a minute, then grabbed a baseball
(it was SOOO light!) and threw it against the wall.  The
ball was so light we could really zing it in.

Wide grip lat pull downs (25# x 3 sets)
Bent over rows (30# x 3 sets)

Sideways lat pulls (standing sideways, with a little 
tension on the cable/handle (25#), pull the handle 
across the chest, and extend the arm.  If done 
explosively, it's doable.  Since we were concentrating
on exposiveness and transfer of momentum/power from 
the lower body to the upper body, this is the first 
time I was allowed to use momentum to lift a weight.

Torturous 180° plank (push-up position) hand walks
2 sets of 25 (where 1 = 180°, 2 = there & back)
I did 25 & thought I was done.  Nope.  Had another set.

Sledgehammers with an 8$ ball (3 sets of 12)  I tried
hard to get the ball to bounce over G's head.  Don't
think I managed to do it.

narrow grip chinups (managed 5 & 7 assisted)

Chest passes (Kris threw too hard, so, G had to work
with each of us individually)

 1. Crunches
 2. V upa
 3. Bicycles
 4. Lowerback/superman
 incline ball toss 
 single leg V ups
 incline partner pushdown
 incline leg throwdowns

The workout was hard, hard, hard. I, once again, nearly cried when it was over. I can't lift my arms. I am already sore. At least I had a protein shake when it was over.