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Field Space! Field Space! Field Space!


Field space! Field space! Whoo! Field space!

Last year, I stepped down from running SBUL, the South Bay Ultimate League. The fields the league has are restricted to 'no cleats'. Turf shoes are okay on the fields, but not cleats.

The problem with this policy (from a player standpoint, and not a field owner or maintainer's standpoint) is that high level of competitive play isn't possible. When the ground gets wet, as it does every night with the dew, players slip around. It makes the game significantly less enjoyable, especially since the teammates are usually unknown.

Since I wanted a higher level league, I started another league, MPUL, or the Mid-Peninsula Ultimate League. I wanted it to be high level play and on the (San Francisco Bay Area) Peninsula. Essentially I wanted a league similar to the City's SFUC, but closer to me.

Field space has been an issue. Finding lighted fields that adult leagues can play on, that youth leagues haven't reserved (youth leagues typically have first priority because only children are allowed to play sports, you know), and the city-run leagues haven't grabbed, is rather difficult. I know. I've called. I had Kyle Smith call. And I had Brooke call. Brooke make a comprehensive list for next year.

Last year for MPUL, I fell into the Whisman Park fields by accident. This year, I may do the same with some Sunnyvale fields. I'll be very excited if I do. I find out tomorrow if we have space. The fields the City of Sunnyvale's Parks & Rec Field Reservation guy, Rick, suggested to me are amazing. They're huge, lack a softball diamond to take up the whole space, and are wonderfully, glorifully lit. Oh Joy!

Of course, MPUL will be named the Increasingly Misnamed Mid-Peninsula Ultimate League if this southernly trend keeps up.