*tink!* ASA late Dec Upperbody workout


We continued with the upperbody workouts, which was really cool, because I can see a physical difference in my upperbody, and I know others have also noticed. I have muscles! Amazing!

Kris and I did different programs because he's progressed farther than I have (he's a lot stronger than I am, let's say). We started out on the treadmill (I walking, Kris jogging), then used the punching bag to loosen up our shoulders.

Next, we did the band workouts, which works on core muscles and rotator fast twitch muscles. I showed Kris the workout. We did only two sets because we didn't get started until 6:50 (class was from 7-8 tonight, because G was scheduled for a batting practice at our usual 6-7 time).

elevated clappers
medicine ball cross with lift
swiss ball slap with pushup stance
T pushups 
close grip pull downs
tricep pushdowns
swiss ball slap with arms extended

Then we went to abs, working out pleasantly hard because Pat (not Frost) was working out with us, too.

russian crunches
V ups normal
legs straight up, medicine ball in one hand, touch ball to opposite foot
on back, with weight held straight up, press up
regular situps with medicine ball thrown to chest
partner pushdowns (I did well)
6-12" vertical up & down
cross overs
6 - 12" leg holds for 60 sec with mental torment

I think I'm forgetting things. I'll fill in as I remember them.

Oh, and about that *tink!* G told the story of how he had a 16 year old girl who was (according to her parents who may have oversold her enthusiasm to the ASA instructors) working out in the weight room (for the third time in her life) with G. She was doing wide grip pullups (of which Kris can do one unaided, I can do one with 60% of my weight assisted) with G supporting most of her weight. He told her she had to do 3 sets of 10. After seven in the first set, she gave up mentally, and wanted down. G refused, trying to get her to continue, help her out mentally. She broke down and fell forward into the lifting apparatus and *tink!*ed her face on the pulley cord of the weight machine. G felt bad, but made it a good story.