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I'm a night owl. Wanna see?

I think I'm a night owl. Actually, yeah, I am. Given that I hit my stride at 10pm, go to bed at 2am, and can't stand getting up before 10 am, I'd have to say yeah. And now I have the graphical proof to prove it!

At the bottom of the pages of Photo Matt, there's an image showing the post times on Matt's site.


So, I searched for a bit to find the source to generate the image and the originator's site (Sanjay's Coding Tips - thanks, Sanjay!). Of course, the code is written for WordPress (i.e. not Drupal), so a little rewrite was needed. Well, that and installing GD. A couple hours and a bit of fudging later, and I now have a blog post time image. Whoo!

I haven't made the code robust enough for general consumption yet. If you want a copy, drop me a line and I'll send you the Drupal module.