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Tomorrow, we go

At some point, I'm going to have more content (as in total number of posts, who knows about the total number of characters) than the UPA site. Doyle thinks I'm crazy for even caring.

Spent pretty much the whole day getting things organized to leave for Nationals (er, the Ultimate Players Association Club Championships) tomorrow. Kris managed, without costing us a $100 change fee, to move our flights from today at 6:20am to tomorrow at 9:05am. Early, but not painful. Surely I can get up at 7:00am.

Uh... yeah.

I am, oddly enough, not nervous about the tournament. My lack of nervousness may be due to distance: I'm not in Florida yet. Or the fact that the last day before a vacation is always ridiculously full of last-minute (last-second?) things to do before we leave. Laundry, clean the kitchen, buy $100 worth of gu and clif shots, clean the bathrooms, pay the bills, move the car into the garage, buy shorts for everyone on the team for the third time, run to the bank, hand off the house key, print up the Dummy's Guide to Krikitt Downs, show the house sitter where the dog food is, finish up client projects, prep the computer for offline development, backup the travelling computer, and think, "Oh. Em. Gee. I'm going to Nationals!"

At this point, I'm almost all packed and ready to go. I'm one underwear short of being completely packed. And that's the pair that goes into the carry-on with the cleats and red jersey, in case my bag is, uh, diverted to St. Louis.

Come on, laundry!