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Another Aha! moment


For years, I've noticed my right hand has more blood flow in the morning than my left hand. Every morning, when I compare the color of my two hands, my right hand is always redder than my left hand. Always.

Well, not exactly that. When I'm in the shower, I notice the difference in colorings. And for years, I've puzzled about it. I wonder if the difference is because of the lighting (nope, same thing happens at my parents' houses), or the season (nope, occurs in summer as in winter), or the time of day (nope, happens in when I wake up early, wake up late, or just stay awake).

I'd be lying if I said I haven't puzzled over this for years. Typically, only in the shower, though, and only in passing.

Well, this morning, I finally figured it out.


Turns out, as most right-handed people do, I primarily use my right hand for most things. I noticed when I was standing in the water this morning, after also noticing my right hand was darker than my left, that I stood with my arm bent, and my right hand at shoulder height.

In the hot water.

Yes, I take long showers. Long, long, loooooooooong showers. They always bothered my mom. They sometimes bother Kris. They don't bother me at all.

Before I turned up the water heater, I would shower until the hot water ran out. Cold water? Shower's done.

Now, though, with the water heater cranked, I can stay in the shower until I'm done, which is sometime after my finger tips have pruned.

Turns out, my hand in the hot water was turning it red/reddish. By the time I woke up and noticed the difference in coloring, I had already been standing with my hand up, apparently a natural, comfortable position for me.

To verify, I, of course, finished the shower in a reflection of my usual stance, with my left hand up in the warm, warm water. Sure enough, my left hand was darker than my right by the time I finished my shower.

Another mystery in life solved.