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Not fair!



I have all of my mail sent to my P.O. Box. Long story, not relevant to this one.

I used to have a large box, 12" x 12". I started renting it about six months before I moved up from Los Angeles. Instead of full forwarding of all of my mail, I forwarded just the mail I was interested in continuing to receive: bills, magazine subscriptions, alumni notices. Since the box was big, I could pick up my mail every two weeks when I was up visiting, and check my local P.O. Box for anything I wanted to keep receiving.

Worked like a charm. When I did move up here, there was little mail that needed to be forwarded.

Fast forward to four years later. Mountain View had a fancy new post office, and the annex where my post office box was located was being shut down. All the boxes were moving to the new post office, and, get this, renumbered.

Yes, I could keep my box, but to match the numbering system in the new building, the size of my box would change. Instead of a 12" x 12" box, I would get a 4" x 6" box.

There is a reason why I rented the 12" x 12" box in the first place.

And it's not because I like giving the government extra money.

If I don't pick up my mail more than once every four days or so, the box fills up, and the clerks have to pile it all in a basket under the box, inside the post office. On the other side of the wall. Where I can't get to it.

Instead, I get this lovely, yellow card that says, "You have too much mail for your mailbox. Please pick up your mail at the window." Which means I can't pick up my mail at my convenience (which is admittedly 11:00 at night), but have to stop by during the day. When everyone else is at the post office.

Lines. Ugh.

Well, I tried to pick up my mail last Saturday, but I was one day too late picking up my mail, and had to wait until yesterday, Monday, to pick it up, handing over the yellow card. Which I did. Yesterday.

Because I'm anxiously waiting a delivery, I stopped by again today.

To find another yellow card.

Not even one day.

That freakin' tiny, itty, bitty, little mail box didn't even last me one day.

So way not fair.