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An email came across the development list today (in the digest anyway), that, in a round about way, complained of the lack of instructions for some part of the system:

not only of external documention but of that oh-so-loved embedded in  
the code instructions for the image galleries settings --or should I  
say the NON-EXISTENT instructions.

There was another developer who started sending emails to the development list in a very aggressive manner, complaining that no one had instantly answered her questions, what kind of a support forum is this, she's not an idiot but she couldn't figure her problem out, why the hell isn't anyone answering questions, this product is crap.

Another organizer was at various developer meetups, talking about how great the project was, but it didn't have enough documentation. Someone needed to write documentation. Someone need to fix the bugs. Someone needed to help the new people. Someone should do it an do it now.

What is in common among the three of these people, aside from the fact they've complained about the project instead of (except for the first one) contributing to the project, is that they are all female. I'm not terribly sure why they're so aggressive in the community, it's entirely possible I'm just sensitive to the gender issue.

Personally, I find it annoying. I'm terribly less likely to help out someone who attacks what I'm working on as an introduction. I know I'm not the only one, either. A couple years ago at VA, when we were arranging desks and things, Mark commented to me he's more likely to seat Dom and Ariel in the good seats because they were very accomodating about seat preferences, versus some non-developers who were terribly insistent about where they "absolutely would not sit." I think Mark actually sat those people where they said they wouldn't sit. They sat there just fine.

Hey, so, check out my first contribution to the project. A better self-introduction to the development community than a rant or a you-should-do-this or a COMPLAINT about something being missing - do it yourself and stop complaining.