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All the Colorado things I meant to do


Well, since this is, in theory, the last weekend and week I'll be coming out to Colorado (at least for free), I figured I'd best start doing all the little things I meant to do. I'm not sure I'll be able to visit either of my aunts, but all the other little things are getting done.

I'd been meaning to visit a running shoe store for new running shoes. Hit that last Thursday, after getting lost at least a dozen times (and being all of 100 yards away from where I needed to be and not aware of it, then driving another mile to get back to that spot in a long round-about way).

This morning, I decided to take those shoes for a run. When staying with Sandie, we'd pass a trailhead on the way to work every morning. I decided I wanted to run that trail. So, on went the new running shoes and after struggling to actually leave the hotel, I drove (once again, the long round-about way) to the trailhead.

Half way there, I realized I had forgotten my water.

Two thirds of the way there, I realized it was really bright out and I had forgotten my sunglasses.

Arriving there, I realized my iPod was on the fritz and wasn't playing any of my purchased music.

I had driven all the way out here, and, by golly, I was going to go for this hike.

Tragically, the only songs that would play are the songs I had ripped from the pile of CDs that sit in the garage. Each of them reminded me of both my college days, and the absurdity I used to do by buying a $16 for that one song I liked.

Foolish child.

Things I learned on the short run I did despite the lack of water, sunglasses and music that wasn't Cinderella, Motley Crue or Winger:

  • Running in shorts when it's 38° outside is fairly stupid. Even if it is sunny.
  • When the earphones in your ears keep falling out, check to see if the cord is caught in your necklace. There's a reason why it falls out every other step.
  • If you forget your water in winter in Colorado, you could just eat the snow on the ground. If you do, pick the snow far away from the cow turds also on the ground.
  • High altitude and hills? Eh, not so much.
  • Bubble gum rock from the early 90s still sucks. Including Winger.