Boris. Fru. Boris. Fru.


Yesterday, after returning from the long weekend with Mom, I tried valiently to catch up on my Intarweb™ communications: reading emails, skimming websites, scanning blogs. About two hours into my word overload, I came across Messina's post about Boris being in town.

Boris is Fru's Canadian twin, and there's pretty much no way I was missing an opportunity to hang out with him. To my surprise, he was down in Mountain View (for an Identity Workshop), and needed a ride into the City. WhoO! Captive audience!

So, I drove to the Computer History Museum, picked him up, and off we went, heading up 280, talking about Drupal, various projects, my work, his work, Vancouver and the Bay Area, roadtrips and vacations, and all sorts of topics in between. We arrived an hour early for dinner, so wandered around looking for a Sephora, to buy a hairbrush for his wife, but ended up at the corporate headquarters instead, so no brush.

When we arrived, we asked if there was a reservation under "Messina," but were told there wasn't, did we want to sit? Sure, so appetizers, a lychee tini and a mango tango later and we were all set. Terrell Russell and Fred Stutzman of ClaimID showed up, and we moved to the table Messina had indeed reserved, under the accidental name "Christ."

Holly and Bill Ward, Kieran, Zach, Niel, Tantek, Messina, Tara, Cal, two people I didn't know all showed up and had a wonderful dinner. I enjoyed talking to Fred and Terrell, about all their various projects (ah, the time available to doctorate students). After dinner, we wandered over to Mel's diner for dessert, having been unable to find an open gelato place for dessert.

Turns out, Boris was staying at a hotel around the corner from my house, so heading home was easy. We talked more projects, with Boris (Bobo, Bruno, take your pick), with his asking what project I would work on if I could work on any project. I talked about Mom's website, a Drupal rewrite of, and a start of Boris liked Mom's project, so once I'm done with my super seekrit Drupal module, I'll start work on that.

A remarkably wonderful evening. Really must head up to Vancouver to say hello.

Oh, and Brussells in September.