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Trainer or gym?


Yesterday was my last day in my package of twenty training sessions. I kept declining the measurement sessions (every tenth session is a progress-check session, which seems to be a waste of time and money to me), so I have no idea if I've gained weight, lost weight, gained strength, or just wasted my money.

Well, that's not quite true. I know that recently, none of my clothes fit, and that I was frustrated by a trainer or two. Despite those issues, I was going consistently, so I was definitely reaping the benefits. I have all these new muscles, but none of them work quite right with ultimate yet. I think I need to get a couple hundred miles under my feet with them to feel good about that as of yet.

So, here's my time to be wishy-washy, instead of just deciding. Doyle suggested I join a gym with a trial membership (24-Hour has a gym four miles away with a three month introductory membership that I might try), and see if I can stay committed to going. Going to the trainer costs a lot of money (the introductory gym membership is 5% the cost of going to the trainer for the same period), but because of that cost I go without fail (sometimes later than I'd like, but I can often make up the lost 10 minutes afterward).

I think not deciding is hard. It's draining. Do I choose A? Or do I choose B? If I go with A, it'll cost a lot of money, but I'll go. If I choose B, it'll be cheaper, but I may not go consistently. Or will I? Is paying someone to encourage me to keep going worth it? Can I find a workout partner, making the need for a trainer somewhat obsolete?

Gah. Don't know. Need to decide shortly.

Like this weekend.