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Went up to the City on Thursday night. I had intended to be in the City for the second day of the Future of Web Apps Summit, but had too much work to do. Instead, I missed Day 2, worked all day, then trained up to the City to have dinner with Elina.

A fabulous idea.

She met me at the train station, and we wandered to the bookstore close by (the Borders near the ballpark), to find a San Francisco Magazine. The goal was to find the food section, pick out a restaurant from the review section and head over. Somehow, I think the copies I receive from my subscription are different than the ones in stores, as there weren't any restaurant reviews, and we ended up using another magazine.

I don't recall where we ended up for dinner, but the entire evening was absolutely wonderful. We had dinner, walked back to her place, and headed to the hot tub in her condo complex. Totally awesome time.

Next week is her term finals, but the week after, well, maybe more late night hot-tubbing is in order.