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QotD: Game On

Guest Post Blog is shutting down. This is a post from Vicki's vox.

What was the last game you played?

If I interpret this very loosely, it was at the gym in a water class. The instructor had us running individual relays in the pool, out to the first set of stairs and back, then to the second set of stairs and back, to the island and back, and finally out of the pool at the other end and back. All of this in maximum 3 feet deep water. I thought I'd be really good at this, even though it was my first time in the class. HA! Of the 15 of us that competed, I was in the last 5. Well, so much for that theory! But it was loads of fun and I'm looking forward to the class on Friday.

Interpreted not so loosely, it was playing either I Spy or Sorry w/ Kitt, Sam, and Jackson. Tough playing w/ little kids since you want them to win, but you also want them to win fair and square. And, I for one, want them to be gracious about winning. "Hey, maybe next time it'll be you!" But then, I think the same goes for playing w/ adults. I do not like arrogant winners. It's a "game".



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