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Screwed that one up


Why is it that Microsoft Word produces HTML that when emailed to someone who uses Microsoft Outlook to read the HTML email, that person sees only a blank page?

What is it with Microsoft that their products don't flippin' interact? Is it that they're clueless, or do they just not talk to each other?

A client had an email newsletter to mail out this week. It was supposed to mail out last week, but wait, wait, they're not sure it's quite done.

So then it was supposed to go out on Monday. Then Tuesday. Oh, wait, it has to go out to everyone with an account last year, as well as this year.

And the server was having issues.

And I'm in Hawaii.

And the email displays as a blank page in Outlook.

It reads fine in Hotmail and Gmail and Yahoo. It reads fine in my mail reader. It reads find in Yahoo email beta. I can't figure out why it doesn't render in Outlook, but it doesn't, and it's due, and the server is barfing, and won't send more than 300 emails out at a time, and I'm frustrated.

But, well, I am in Hawaii. It's sunny. And tropical. And the tournament starts tomorrow.

How bad could it be?