Apparently, Mischief sucks


During our third game, as a long point had the disc moving back and forth down the field, turnover following turnover, I sat on the away sideline, next to the Brass Boar, ne Brass Monkey, sideline. Clearly the players didn't recognize me, as they were talking quite freely, as if no Mischief players where nearby.

One player watched the game briefly, then turned to his teammate and declared, "Mischief sucks."

Now, as an up-peninsula rival, an exclamation of the opponent sucking isn't really that unreasonable. Kris in a drunken fit declared "Brass Monkey sucks!" last year at Nationals, when they failed to win their semi-finals. They thwarted us in our chance to prove that yes, we are the best Mixed team in the country. Oh, wait, we did that anyway.

Today, however, the declaration from the Monkey wasn't one of general frustration with our team, as perhaps one might think. As I sat and listened to his talking, I realized that, no, he was saying that Mischief is actually not a good team. He continued, "They have four male players that can play. When they're not on the field, the team just sucks. They can't play."

I sat there quite still, and thought about his assessment. The four men of the Mischief Apocalypse? Tyler, Mark, Kevin are clearly three of them. Who is the fourth? Kyle? Wade? Pickett?

Of course, if his assessment was true, then I'm not quite sure how Lori managed to score one third of our goals in the finals at Nationals. I'm also not quite sure how our women touched the disc in approximately 37% of the throws at Nationals. Clearly they were actually the phantom disembodiments of the Four Horsemen of the Mischief Apocalypse. How else could all but those four players suck, but still contribute to our National Championship?

Unless, of course, said Monkey player doesn't know what he's talking about, and makes himself look better by declaring other people are worse.

Good thing his voicing is clearly mistaken opinion doesn't make his observations fact.

We have the trophy to prove it.