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Topic of the evening


Usually when I go places where I know I'll be sitting around or having to wait in line, I bring along my deck of index cards and go through them. What I really want to do is have a list of five-minute tasks that I can do in line, without any equipment, or at most minimal equipment. I can write if I have one of my cell phones, but the input method is slow and unsatisfying.

So, when I went to the Bay Area Native Garden Tour volunteer orientation meeting tonight, I brought along my cards to go through for small tasks I could do. As I managed to talk to a good number of other volunteers before orientation started, I wasn't able to pull out my cards when the presentations veered away from what I cared about. I'm volunteering as a Garden Greeter, so the how-tos for the Tour Guides were of little interest.

As I sat there, my mind started to drift.

I spent twenty minutes in the middle of the event thinking about sex.

After the five minutes of information I needed passed, I continued to think about sex.

I don't know how much other people think about sex, I've heard three, four times a day. I suspect I used up a few days worth of such thoughts tonight.