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Bappy Others Day!


Kris and I have been married for three years today. Happy anniversary to us. Yay, us!

My plan was to arrive home, tell Kris to get into the car we were heading out, drive to the local sports store, have him help me buy a baseball glove, head out to the field and throw a baseball around. He's been trying to get me to throw around with him for a few weeks now, but I don't own a baseball glove (fancy that). That was what came to mind when I thought of what he'd like to do for our anniversary, throwing the baseball around, so I figured it was time to get one.

Kris had other ideas.

He made reservations and off we went to Alexanders (a site whose flash takes forever to load when you're loading uploading photos). I had some tuna dish, Kris had 12 ounces of filet mignon. At the end of the main course, I was so full, I couldn't eat another bite.

Not even a wafer thin mint.

A choclate brownie, however, I could eat. Sorta.

The waiter brought us out a "Happy Anniversary!" plate before we could order dessert. It was a wonderful surprise, and an amaingly tasty dessert. I pretty much pounded the dessert, leaving only a tiny bite for Kris, who was busy telling me of his cross-country violin trip with Matthew Albert.

When the waiter returned, I asked him if the brownie dessert he had just brought us was on the menu, I couldn't find it, and the only souffle dessert was an orange zest souffle (all souffles should be chocolate, dammit). He said no, but, hey, did we want him to bring out another one? Uh, hello? Yes.

He came back out with the next one. It read, "Happy Mother's Day." We laughed, then fixed the chocolate sauce for the correct message:

When the waiter came back, I casually mentioned Kris just graduated from college, maybe there was a Happy Graduation plate in the back? He laughed, and brought us out the next misprint:

At this point, after eating two more brownies, I had eaten so much food that standing up was physically painful. I have never been this full before, and hope to never overstuff myself at a meal like this again. I'd much rather leave just a little hungry than this full.

Kris rolled me out the door.

Happy anniversary, love. Here's to three more fantastic, wonderful years.