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1000 words


After I wrote about my morning outdoor shower, Brynne wrote to me:

I really feel that the picture from last night (garden hose + naked Kitt =
priceless) would be worth way more than 1,000 words!!!

Kind of happy that i wasn't nearby. Perhaps I played a small, enabling part
which allowed a much more unique showering experience - awesome choice!!!


The showers have been quite fun, so I continued to head outside into the back yard for a morning shower. This morning, I was a little more nervous than usual, as I could hear neighbors talking from over the fence. Fortunately, the fence was the one diagonally from my house, so they'd have to look over the corner of their garden, and I have a tree somewhat in the way.


Their talk made me nervous, and, well, I brought out my camera just for Brynne:

Just for you, Brynne.

Definitely time to put some stones out there to stand on while showering. I bought gentle, biodegradable soap today, too, in hopes of minimizing the soap impact on the soil. We'll see. Right now, I'm having too much fun showering outdoors to worry too much.

Update: Gah! I am so white!