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Leaving Las Drupal


I surprised Kris today. I told him I was done with Drupal. He couldn't believe his ears and asked for clarification. What did I just say?

I told him again that I was done with Drupal. I unsubscribed from the mailing lists. I left the IRC chatrooms (fortunately, my ongoing donation subscriptions to the organization that runs the IRC servers guarantees my nickname will remain mine, even if I don't log in regularly any longer). I closed my always-open browser windows that showed the Drupal API search page. I put away all of my Drupal work. I'm done.

I wish I could say I'm walking away because I accomplished everything in Drupal that I wanted to do. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

In reality, I'm tired of dealing with certain elements within the Drupal community. I'm not particularly interested in fighting the battles of incorrect perceptions, of overloaded projects, of unrecognized abuse and of difficult-to-do tasks that should be easy.

Tired. And done.

Life's too hard already to waste time dealing with I'm-not-a-jackass jackasses. I have other things to do than wage that war. Fun things like larning new systems.

Like, say, Wordpress.