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Even more spam


One action I find remarkably annoying is the placement of advertisements on my car when I'm shopping. I head into the store, buy my crap, come out, find my car after wandering around in the parking lot clicking the clicker, waiting for the little chirp of the car alarm. I'l finally find my car, only to discover papers tucked under the windshield wiper, advertising something that I have exactly zero interest in.

And if I did have interest in what was being advertised, I still wouldn't frequent the establishment out of protest for their choice of advertising method.

Once you have one of these papers on your car, it's not like you can just toss it somewhere. If you toss it on the ground, say, in frustration, and a police officer sees you do this, hey, look, a ticket for littering.

And placing on the car next to your car doesn't work if the owner of that car comes out and sees you tagging his car with some advertisement.

No, you're forced to carry this unwanted piece of trash home with you and dispose of it (no, no, recycle it, please) yourself.

See why I'm annoyed?

Yeah, so imagine my COMPLETE annoyance this morning after kissing Kris goodbye as he left for work and looking out to my car, which is parked IN MY DRIVEWAY, and seeing this:


It's an advertisement for watch repair. WATCH REPAIR. Like I own a watch with moving parts.

Oh, wait. I might.