Where did today go?


So, here I am on a Saturday night, wondering where the day has gone.

No, really, where has the day gone? Because I swear I went to bed, then woke up and realized it was gone.

Because, well, it was.

This month's migraine started yesterday as I was standing in line at the post office (where "post office" has been written alternately as "driveway" and "mailbox" in my current, still-under-the-migraine influenced, befuddled brain). I had been planning on taking the train up to the City to have dinner with Elina, who had graciously allowed me to reschedule to last night from the night before when some work tasks became overwhelming. I gave her a call, asking if I could reschedule my trip up there AGAIN, of also asked if maybe she wouldn't mind heading down, since I'd be blind in an hour and back to seeing in an hour or so. She seemed to happily agree, so dashed off to the train station as I dashed off to the bed.

We had a good evening, tooling around downtown Palo Alto, and heading back to Sunnyvale for ColdStone ice cream (mmmmmmmmm!).

I managed to stay away until about 11 last night, though mostly because the head was a bound, bound, bounding. Eventually I gave up, downed a vicodin (thank you Mr. Tyler C. Grant), and passed out.

Sometime around 6:00 AM, I woke up to the dawning day.

Only to realize the light was coming from the wrong side of the room.

Looking back to my feet, I then realized the "day glow" I was seeing was from the bright dawn of the World of Warcraft, and Kris was still up playing.


I stumbled out of bed, teased him a little bit, then went back to bed, waking up at 11:30 AM, a fact I realized only after I stumbled into the kitchen for breakfast. Kris woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon, all of thirty minutes before my vision decided that, well, it had had enough.

I went back to bed and back to sleep. Andy came over with dinner for the three of us some time around six to feed us. I was in the hot hot bath with more over-the-counter painkillers, and a few not-so over-the-counter painkillers, than I'e had in a good number of months. If I'm pregnant, this kid is going to be born unable to feel any pain. After eating some food, touch and go for a while if it would stay down, I went off to get some online work done before either the headache or vision problems came back (read: write this).

Someone once told me that migraines are my body's way of telling me to slow down.

Well, someone, please, tell my body, I'm already STANDING STILL.