I give me 4 hours


Today's workout was 3 rounds of:

40m standing long jump
100m walking lunges
20 kettleball swings with row
20 burpees, or alternately 20 squats and 20 pushups
20 swiss ball rollups

The 40m standing long jump was down and back along the turf. We had the option of taking a large step, then doing a squat, but I liked the idea of working on my standing long jumps. I remember in eighth grade being able to jump the farthest in my class. I did so well at the standing long jump that my teacher felt I was cheating (or that the person measuring my distances was retarded and didn't know 64" from 74"). I had to show her that, yes, I could jump 6' in the standing long jump. Helps to weigh 20 pounds lighter than your peers.

I managed the first two rounds of standing long jumps in 24 jumps. The last one I was trying for fewer, but didn't make it.

100m of walking lunges were done down the track and back. Our warmup sprints are normally 40m long, so that we have space to slow down, but no need for that when doing lunges. I managed to follow Kris' pace when doing the lunges, but my steps are sufficiently shorter such that in 10m I was already a foot or two behind him. My 100m of walking lunges ended up being around 12 more lunges than Kris.

Kettleball swings with a row were done single armed. A normal swing brought the kettleball to chest level, where it was pulled to the chest in a path parallel to the ground, then pushed back out straight, before swinging back down. The trick was to keep the elbows up.

I did the burpees as squats and lunges when my form was so bad on the first two burpees that I feared injuring myself.

The swiss ball rollups were the abdominal exercise. Starting in a plank position facing the floor, with two hands on the floor, and the swiss ball under the knees, roll the knees to the chest (and the ball to the feet), then back out.

To say this workout was easy would be a complete lie. I thought my difficulties were with being tired from yesterday's practice, but Kris said he thought the workout hard, too, so not just me. Of course, when I couldn't lower myself to sit down gracefully (onto the toilet, into the car, or on the train), I figured it was harder than I first realized.

I wonder when I'm going to be sore. I say 4 hours.