The camera returns


At communal dinner last night, I forgot my camera on the table. I felt a little naked without it today, not so much because I NEEDED to take pictures, but because I couldn't take pictures. Even my backup camera wasn't around. So, scary. Sure, I had the phone camera, but, well, yeah, even at the "5 mega pixel" range, the pictures still look like crap.

Shirley noticed my camera at her house, and returned it to me at practice tonight (joy!).

When she handed it back to me, she commented that, "Tyler may or may not have taken pictures with it."

Honestly, when she mentioned this, I was imagining out-of-focus dark pictures of some nebulous down-the-pants nether regions parts of various people at communal dinner. There wasn't nearly enough alcohol at dinner for such thoughts to actually become true fears, though.

Tyler did take pictures. After seeing his pictures, I can honestly say, I'm very glad I know how to use my camera.