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As it should be


Since I'm heading down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, I don't expect to have any working electronics. I had thought about bringing my sidekick down with me, but its need to sync everything, even when the network and wireless are off, means the battery won't last more than 10 minutes on the trip.

So, I'm taking a moleskine.

Yes, I've finally broken down and decided to use a moleskine.

I've had them since Christmas, when I impulsively asked Kris to buy me a set of three, 64 page grid moleskines. I had them in my box of paperwork this whole time, minus the one I gave Mom earlier this month. It's small, so I feel like it's a small deck of index cards (and way way way way smaller than my usual 1.5" stack of index cards, that's for sure).

We'll see if I can get into this journal. I'm sure all of these days are going to blur, and there's no way I'm going to remember all the entertainment that happens on this trip (especially since I've started blogging, and stopped trying to remember all of this crazy stuff, since it's already out there on the intarweb - speaking of, I need to check the way back machine, see if I'm there yet).

Yeah, so, here's hoping the moleskine journal works out.