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After setting up camp at Tuckup Canyon, I went to go bathe in the river with Kris. We've managed to bathe every other day, which seems to be good, but hasn't done much for my hair other than give me one natty dreadlock.

While we were there, Abby, Erin, Kim and Kelly were there, having a seriously girl moment with lots of laughing and giggling and sharing of shampoo and soap. I was feeling a LOT like an outsider, as I do with most girly events. I never feel connected, I can't bond with women doing women things easily. With female friends I've known a long while, I'm good. Just met? Think of me as a boy.

Which is why I just bathed with Kris and Al until they both finished, then continued on with my personal areas after they left. I managed to shave my legs today, and other places that needs a quick blade. Eventually, the ladies' group left, so I pulled off my shirt to finish bathing naked. Few things more annoying that having a stripe of dirt where the sports bra was because you couldn't wash under it. Another curse of the big breasts, I guess.

As I was bathing topless, I was still slightly uncomfortable, as Kim was still around. As she left, though, she commented, "If only I were so brave," referring to my usual style of bathing completely naked in the river, instead of in a swimsuit as everyone else did. Although I don't completely understand the remarkably conservative bathing in this group when compared to the group ten years ago, at least I felt a little better about it after Kim's comment.