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Whiskey love


I made dinner with Matt and Pat this evening. Matt "with a buzz" let me lead most of the cooking parts (the rice and chicken) which was fun. I managed to get more of a lay of the land with the pots, utensils, burners, etc. Not enough to do it on my own, but enough to finally feel comfortable in the "kitchen."

At one point, Josh and Justin invited me to the boats for swig of whiskey. They both knew I like whiskey, and had brought some along on the trip. I took the bottle they had just opened and took a GIANT swig, upending the bottle. As soon as I tipped the bottle up, I realized I had made a mistake, and was quite embarrassed about it.

The whiskey itself was quite tasty. When I offered to get my Japanese whiskey, Josh and Justin both told me to wait until tomorrow night, when the crew will party. Tomorrow has the last big rapid, Lava Falls. I need to get into a good boat tomorrow, as Kris and Andy want to take the duckies out for a run before Lava.