Yeah, let Kris name the team


Kris leaned over to me the other day and let me know he was going bowling. My reaction could be summed up in one word.


Turns out, Kris' work now has a "Fun Officer" who organizes fun events for the company to build morale. The latest morale building event was a bowling party for teams in the company. My reaction was something like "Well, if they'd just let you play poker for 10 minutes during the day, they wouldn't NEED a 'Fun Officer' scheduling bowling 'parties' for the company, because you'd ENJOY your work environment."

Yeah, well, sure, yes. At this moment, however, they were having a bowling party. He wasn't originally signed up, but his department was a player short of a full team, and wouldn't he come bowl with his coworkers?

"Sure," Kris had said, "if you let me name the team."

So, Kris went bowling the other day. While he was bowling, he looked at the team names. They were nice descriptive names like:

Team HR
Team S7

And Kris' team:

ROFL Cake Pwnage