Push pull figure eight



Kris and I missed this morning's Velocity workout: I on purpose, Kris because he wanted to sleep in.

Today's workout was continual rounds of:

2 sled push/pull
2 barbell walk in a large figure 8
12 box jumps
4 50m sprints
40m walking lunge twists

There were a couple guys I didn't know at the class, one of whom was at least a semi-regular. The other guy was at Velocity for the first time, and, yes, true to form, trying the whole macho thing out. His level of macho came in handy when I went to do the sled push/pulls.

The sled push/pulls were rather brutal, in that I wasn't really "allowed" to drop the weight down to a weight that I would normally use. With the new guy around of course watching what everyone else was doing, I decided that having a woman who was no doubt older than he was and probably only 2/3 his weight not only doing the same sled weight as he was doing, but also doing the exercise more quickly and with better form, would have a sobering effect on his machoism.

I was right.

The push/pulls involved pushing the sled down the 20m on the turf, an exercise we all know I'm built for, then stepping back with the strap, squatting until our upper legs were parallel to the ground, then pulling the sled back towards us. When the strap was used up, we were to step back the 4m of slack on the strap. Repeat for the 20m back, then repeat the whole push/pull for 2 sets.

The barbell walk wasn't much easier, and was actually way way way harder for me, since, once again, I used the boys' weight. I had to hustle once I had the bar hoisted over my head, arms straight. We walked the bar in a figure 8 around two cone circles with a 7m diameter. The walking wasn't so bad, it was the turning part that was difficult for me.

I received one of the biggest compliments after I finished my second set of sprints. The coach/trainer, a new guy, asked me if I was a sprinter in school. I had to tell him no (alas), but that I do still play ultimate, which requires a lot of sprinting. Indeed. He was impressed.

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