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Hey, Jenny's birthday!

The Master Gardeners classes are held in a county building (which makes sense, since it's a county program). The county building houses a large number of county offices, so the visitors at the building are interesting and varied. In the bathroom today, as I was doing my business, another woman started talking to a woman standing by the sink.

"So, you know," (I'm not sure the woman at the sink actually did know) "for that college class, we have to write a letter to our teacher introducing ourself."

"Mmmmmmmm," the woman at the sink indicated she was listening.

"I wrote her 20 texts for mine."

"20 texts?"

"Yeah, well, it was 10 texts from me, but she replied, so it was like twenty," was the answer.

The 20 texts woman then went on to complain for a few minutes about how the teacher didn't respond well to her completing her assignment via text messages instead of writing a letter, and how unfair it was that she had to write a letter, even though she had introduced herself to the teacher.

I couldn't help but think, gee, I'd give you bonus points for originality and creativity on your solution to the assignment, then fail you for not completing the actual assignment. Ever think that maybe, just maybe, learning to think in a format longer than 4 words would be a GOOD thing?


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