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The number 2


This morning's velocity was brought to us sideways by the number 2.

We had two rounds of:

20 side wall ball slams, each side
2 50m sprints
20 side box jumps
2 50m sprints
20 side lunges
2 50m sprints
20 barbell side bends
2 50m sprints

The wall ball slams were pretty standard, done by standing perpendicular to the wall (left shoulder close to the wall, right shoulder farthest away from the wall) about a foot away, heaving the ball from the outside hip to the wall as hard as possible for 20 bounces, then turning around to heave the opposite direction.

The box jumps were also done sideways, jumping onto the box sideways.

The side lunges were a heck of a lot easier to the right than to the left. Yay ultimate. I did have to work on my form, not really keeping my butt out and my knee aligned correctly over my ankle. The second round I wasn't able to drop down low enough, having to focus on that, too.

The barbell sidebeds were done with an empty barbell across the shoulders, along the back of the neck, shifted over so that I was holding the edge of the bar, the bulk of the bar hanging out to one side. The bends were done so that the end of the bar hanging out to the side touched the ground. Oh, to be shorter and able to touch more easily! I found this exercise difficult.

When I ran my sprints, my first few were strong. During the second round, however, my first two sets of sprints were sprint down, hunch over so as not to puke, stand up, sprint back. I noticed, however, when stepping over on my side lunges, Kris was sprinting down, planting, turning, and sprinting back. He didn't stop after 50m, he ran the full 100m in one burst.

Aha. Yes, that was how I wanted to run these sprints, which is how I ran the last two sets of sprints. Unfortunately, this didn't cure my urge to puke.

I need to sprint more.


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