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Quick visit to San Mateo


Mom and I went up to San Mateo today, to meet up with David Weekly and a few others, so that we could tour some possible locations for a new coworking/community sort of place. There are a number of coworking places in the City, but, as far as we can tell, none on the Peninsula or in the South Bay. Which is not to say you can't find shared places to work: those exist. However, none (also "as far as I can tell") are community run. Most are for-profit facilities with an internet connection, a phone line and a desk. You might have a window in there, too.

So, David put out a call to other like minded people, asking if they'd be interested in starting a coworking/community center on the Peninsula. The response was pretty much overwhelming.

Having recognized, despite my loner tendencies, just how much I need to interact with people to stay happy, I signed up.

Community run means that each member in the community has to help out, or the whole structure falls apart. If nothing else, running multiple ultimate leagues taught me how stressful having a small group, or one person even, run a large organization can be.

So, off we went to help tour places.

Unfortunately, the realtor dropped the ball and didn't meet up with us at David's work place. We ended up chatting about locations and what each of the four of us who showed up were interested in finding. It was a good meeting, if not as exciting as I had hoped it would be so that Mom wouldn't be bored. She was a good sport about it, though.


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