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Two weeks of clear table


"Do you think you can get two weeks with that table clear?"

I have a habit of dumping my stuff on the dining area table when I arrive home in the evening. I dump the mail on the table. I unload my bag on the table, and start working at the table.

This unfortuate habit means that the table is rarely available for actual dining. When we're having guests, I'll take all of the stuff off the table, dump it into a box, put the bx in the office, and hope that I remember to clean out the box before the bills invaribably continued in teh box are actually due.

i'm not always successful with this mode of operation.

I think that Kris recently became annoyed at the requirement of eating in front of the television, when he asked me if he thought I could go two weeks with teh horizontal space not completley filled with crap.

Two weeks. Good lord, how hard could that be? Keeping a horizontal space clear? Easy!

And I can run a 6:00 mile, too.

I asked for a few guidelines, including if I can actually use the table for working. Yes, I could use the table, I just had to clean up from using the table afer I was done. Nothing was allowed to just sit at hte table if I wasn't there with the stuff.

So, today is actually day three of fourteen. Saturday and Sunday were fairly easy, since I was in the office working. I think that most days are going to be easy, as long as I stay away from the area, working in the office.

The office. Now THERE'S a big horizontal space that needs cleaning.


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