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The unexpected Velocity


Yesterday's velocity was three rounds of:

Box jumps
Leg lift pushdowns
Med ball claps
V ups
Jump rope
Plyo pushups
Dead lifts to curl to press

The box jumps were normal. The leg lifts were done lying on a bench, with our legs extended straight out, our hands anchoring our upper bodies to the bench over our shoulders. We lifted our legs up to 90°, then lowered them back to parallel to the floor. When we lowered them, Damien pushed down and asked us to resist, very reminiscent of the ASA workouts.

The med ball claps were done with handled med balls. Standing in a wide stance, lowered position (but not a squat), we pulled the medballs from our sides into a clap in front of us.

The plyo pushups were done between the two lowest jump boxes set about a foot appart with a 12# medball on the floor between them. In a plank position, with our hands on the boxes, we pushed up into the air and landed with our hands on the med ball, then did a pushup. From the lowered pushup position, we pushed off hard, high enough that we could land with our hands back on the jump boxes. I was unable to do this pushup from my feet, and only barely managed from my knees.

The deadlift to curl to press was done with a barbell on the ground. We lifted it in a deadlift, then bent over and did a bent-over row with the bar. Straightening back up, we then curled the bar (using momentum, if needed) to get the bar to our shoulders. We then pressed the bar overhead. The return was shoulders, reverse curl, bend over, set the bar back down.

The 7 minutes of ultimate afterward was 3 on 2 and very short.

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