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Efficient use of time


I hate being bored. No, that's not quite right. I loathe it. I DESPISE being bored with every fiber of my being. If I have only so many years of my life here, I don't want to be wasting a single moment doing nothing, or doing nothing being bored. The worst. The absolute worst.

As a result, I try to cram as much as I can into the free moments I have when doing potentially boring, but often tragically, necessary tasks. A good example of productive multitasking includes listening to audiobooks while walking the dogs. Not only do I manage to convert a reading deathmarch into a productive reading jog, but I also exercise AND reduce the dogs' energy levels from motorcycle ball of death antics level to appropriately sleeping levels. I also much prefer to train up to the City, opting to walk if I can when I arrive, than to drive up, so that I can work that hour on the train, instead of having to focus on driving. See, not only do I avoid boredom, but I also maximize downtime. Win-win!

As much as I try to cram, however, I don't often see other people cramming, or even taking advatage of small downtimes. I wish I could come up with 5 minute tasks to fill the "standing in line" gaps. My life will be complete when I come up with those.

Anyway, other people.


Today, as I was waiting for the train, heading up to the HackerDojo meeting tonight, I was surprised to see, across the platform at the concession stand, the guy standing behind the concession stand, cranking out sets of bicep curls. No one was at the concession stand, so he wasn't immediately tasked. I assumed his wares were set up so that he didn't need to be cleaning or adjusting inventory at the moment. No, he was using the most of his time and exercising while standing still.

Holy moly, a man after my own heart.

I'm so way looking forward to having a N.E.A.T. desk so that I, too, can exercise while working.

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