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Annie and the chickens


I'm innocent!

We went over to Andy's last night to drop off his bike pump from our WildFlower trip, a Rock Band set that Chris picked up from work as a freebie, and bring over dinner. Since Andy is heading off to Europe for a business trip tomorrow (his assistant staying at his house for an extended stay, with the dogs, of course), we wanted to say "Safe Travels!" before he dashed off. Bringing over dinner and leaving early were part of the help-Andy-streamline-his-evening plan.

I hadn't realized just how unexposed our dogs are to chickens, until standing in Andy's living room, one went flying by me, Annie in hot pursuit. I reached down for her as she passed, missed, and ended up having to layout for her to stop her from chasing the chicken.

Heh. Chase the chicken. They're really easier to catch than Gino was.

I ended up leashing Annie to the couch so that she could see the chickens the whole time and DO NOTHING ABOUT THEM.

Bella just stalked them. With that damn cone.

Andy showed off his Hall of Fame trophy from the UCSB Athletics program.


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