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Hard as a rock


Okay, yes, I eat a lot of chocolate. This trip, however, appears to be my chocolate habit's undoing. I haven't been able to find any chocolate that wasn't some crap cheap-ass candybar chocolate, so I've been (cringe!) doing without.

Today, since we were wandering around downtown and came across a candy store, we went in for chocolate for me.

They didn't have any milk chocolate covered peanuts. Yeargh. My chocolate fast would continue if I didn't like cashews so much.

While I was wandering around, Kris cried out, "Dubble Bubble!"

Dubble Bubble

He had to buy some. I mean, really, the gum you chewed as a kid playing baseball? Yeah, you have to buy some. So, we bought some dubble bubble gum, and wandered out of the store.

A couple minutes later, I heard a popping noise and looked over.

"Yup," he said, "just like when I was a kid. You need to jaw on it for like 10 minutes before it softens up."

Kris jawwing his gum

And he wonders why I prefer chocolate.

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