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At Mom's suggestion, I fired up Skype on my laptop for Sam and Jackson to talk this evening. Mom didn't think they'd talk very long, so she hovered next to Jackson while I sorta set Sam up and went to read. And we all know when I read, I'm gone to the world, so essentially Sam was talking to Jackson without my supervision. Which is where Kris came in.

Kris sat on the couch watching Sam talk to his brother. Every five minutes or so, he'd make some suggestion on what Sam should do over video. I'd giggle, relay it to Sam, and he's promptly do what we'd suggest. We managed close up eyes, views up the nostrils, screwed up faces, elbows, dog bites and whatever else you can imagine small boys will send over video to each other. I managed to stick my tongue close enough to the camera that the only recourse that could possibly happen was for my mom to return the favor.

Sam did, however, refuse to moon Jackson, even at Kris' encouragement.


I was most humoured, however, when Kris watched us for a while, then shook his head, commenting, "You have all the power of the Internet, and you sit there sticking your tongues out at each other."

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

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