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Drupal 7 Multiviews Error fix


Installing Drupal 7 for a project, received a 500 Server configuration error.

Looking in the Apache error log, I saw the error:

[Wed Jan 12 19:40:24 2011] [alert] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] /var/www/httpdocs/.htaccess: Option Multiviews not allowed here

Turns out, in the apache2 config file, the following is not sufficient in the Directory section:

AllowOverride Options FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Indexes

In particular, the MultiViews option is needed:

AllowOverride Options=All,MultiViews FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Indexes


I think a possibly easier way (if you don't need Multiviews turned on) is to edit Drupal's .htaccess file on lines 16 and 17. Note the comment on line 16 "Multiviews creates problems with aliased URLs and is not needed for Drupal." so I just commented out the next line which was trying to remove Multiviews anyway!

#Options -Multiviews

Thanks for posting on this!

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