Turning off Drupal 7 admin toolbar


Drupal 7 has this nice lovely toolbar at the top of admin pages, right?

It's a great idea. It adds easy access to important parts of the website. It's a great improvement from the standard administration workflow.

It also doesn't provide the delightful dropdown menus of the Administration menu toolbar. I don't like the Drupal 7 admin tool bar. Yes, it stays put (position:fixed), but it's the bastard half brother of what I'm used to having.

The easiest way to disable the default admin toolbar and enable the admin_menu toolbar?

After installing the Administration menu, in admin/people/permissions:

1. Enable Administration menu » Access administration menu for the role you want (I updated the Administrator role).

2. Disable Toolbar » Use the administration toolbar for the role you want (I updated the Administrator role).

No code modification. Yay!


Thanks. Seems ridiculous that this isn't a prompt to change during the installation of the administration menu module. AFAICT, there's nothing in the default toolbar that isn't accessible from the admin menu, so after you've installed it, the toolbar seems totally redundant. Of course, as with everything else in Drupal, there's so much complexity built in, it's hard to know if I'm right about this!

Is there a reason you do this instead of disabling the toolbar module? (part of the core)

On the one hand, it effectively does the same thing, but turning off the module makes sure it absolutely won't cause any conflicts and doesn't have the resource query of checking if the Toolbar module should be loaded for that particular user type

Am I missing something?

Awesome Jeff Widman! This is it ;)

surprinsingly that works :)

Until now I thought that this permission whould be re-assigned to my adminstration role on next cron run. Now I understood that this is not the case :) So, removing this permission hides the toolbar for the desired roles..

Only thing I would also like: Turn off the Toolbar for User#1 - any ideas on that?

If you disable it entirely, even user 1 shouldn't have it.

Disabling it worked alot better than the permissions thing.

Disabling works better for me. Thanks all !!!!

Works for me.

For some reason permission approach didn't.

Thanks for the info :-)

Quick tutorial:

Step 1: download and install Administration menu (drupal.org/project/admin_menu) and extract this file into \sites\all\modules (Windows) /sites/all/modules (Linux/Unix), the name of the folder is admin_menu, this must be uploaded in your Drupal installation /sites/all/modules

Step 2: enable Administration menu, go to /admin/modules and mark the check box and save the configuration.

Step 3: go to /admin/modules and disable Toolbar and save it.

Step 4: enjoy your favorite module :-)

Hai thanks for your information... I have done exactly what you have say. After save configuration it says like Requires: System (enabled)
Required by: Administration menu Toolbar style (disabled). so dropdown style is not working. how to enable dropdown style.

I disabled as well. Works great. Yeah, the lack of drop-downs was driving me crazy. Thanks.

Above configuration cannot work for the user 1 because he has access to everything, it will only help other administrators.

This doesn't seem to work for user 1. Has anyone else noticed this?

@Nathan Lisgo: ???? -- Have <b>you</b> noticed that several other people already mentioned this? Please read before you post so as not to appear to be like that large, grey animal with long ears...

@jasman: You write: "AFAICT, there's nothing in the default toolbar that isn't accessible from the admin menu, so after you've installed it, the toolbar seems totally redundant.".
Unfortunately there is at least one thing - those user added shortcuts that appear on the grey bar on the first image. I do miss those.

Thank a lot. Finally the problem solved.

Thanks all.
I know I can do it from the UI. But I have to build a site that does this function automatically without any human effort.
So please let me know if there is anything that helps to make it programmatically.
Any links (if you think that help) are welcome.
Thank You.

@samjosein, use the features module, strongarm values to disable things as needed. Or a drupal make file.

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