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Best part about audiobooks...


I have so many books to read. So many that I could go years without buying another book and still be happily lost in words. I should (read: plan to) write summaries of the books I've read so far this year, mostly so that I don't lose track, but also so that I can have a running commentary of them.

I have books on Kindle, in PDF format, as paper form (hardback, trade, paperback and pick any other odd size you'd like), and in audiobook formats. Each one has a different use case: in public or travelling, travelling but technical, snuggled on the couch with a book I want to keep, or moving.

Yes, a great thing about audiobooks is that I can "read" a book, while moving or doing something else. This works well when the "something else" doesn't require, say, lots of mental focus. Such "something else"s include gardening, washing dishes, baking, resting, running or making art of some variety.

The best thing about audiobooks, though?

You can read them when you're blind. Or half-blind. Or half-blind and nauseous. Or half-blind, nauseous, stressed, mostly numb and unable to turn pages.

That's the best part.

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