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No, really.


Well, shit.

With this goal of "read more" my site has become a book review site.

Which, again, bites.

Really, I've been doing more than just read books. I've been uh.... writing one! Co-authoring, actually. It's going to be great, if only because of the intense work, and the hack-days approach of GETTING SHIT DONE that is just so awesome.

I've also dealt with the house, oh god, overwhelming the house. In doing so, I managed to address a conflict head-on, which worked out pretty well. I've been trying the discussion techniques presented in Crucial Conversations, and really appreciate how much they have helped me in conflict resolution as well as personal well-being. I'm not at 100% excellent, but I'm closer to being able to have conversations when I'm 98% pissed off, which IS excellent progress.

Before that was the company holiday party (read: volleyball day). I navigated this day particularly well, giving myself permission to be an introvert, venturing forth to interact with people, then retreating to recharge before venturing out again for social activities. We threw the disc a number of times, having several coworkers come into the mix then wander back out. I had enough sunscreen and a baseball hat that I was sun happy, too. Was a great, deliberately short, day.

Before that, I managed to finish a work task that's been going on for a while. Feels good to put a stake in the ground, spit in the hole, done.

Before that, I had the day off and spent it in FULL-ON HOLIDAY MODE. Aw, yeah. Barbeque and HULK SURPRISE. That was fun.

And before that, I was social! OMG look at me! I'm being social!

Jman and I went over to Shannon and Denise's and made homemade tortillas, something I hadn't done in years. They turned out well, everyone rolling and cutting and cooking. Afterward, we played cards. At first, when Shannon suggested Hearts, I didn't recall which game was which, so said, "As long as it's not Eject-A-Queen, I'm good." Well, it was the game where I was Eject-A-Queen, sending the queen out as soon as I could. Go me, not remembering my favorite game from 15 years ago. The games did bittersweet reminded me of sitting around playing hearts with Ben & Lisa, having enough wine that the sweet was stronger than the bitter.

Before that, I was eating the most amazing chocolate chip cookies at work. OMG I have to find where they come from. They are 6+ at a time amazing.


Not a book review.

Hi, Mom!

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