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A shit leader


A post I was writing went in a completely different direction than I intended it to go. It had something I wanted to say, but didn't work in the framework of the post. So, what I didn't put there, I am putting here instead.

One of the many shit things that exist at Twitter is the lack of communication between even managers and the people that they lead. Having a lead who holds the cards close to his chest, won't send out meeting notes, won't tell his people what is going on, complains when the people seek out the information outside of him, embarrasses his people when they do try to figure things out, and doles out just enough information for you to kinda-sorta know what to do that week, is a recipe for unhappy employees and shit products. Only when you have great employees who care can your team overcome the disaster of a crappy, political, ass-hat of a manager like that.

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