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New Car Parts


I went to Pep Boys today to pick up a bulb today. It reminded me of walking into auto parts shops as a kid with my dad. The giant racks of parts in the back of the store, a counter for the guy to look up part numbers and go back to pluck the parts in their boxes from the floor to ceiling shelves. And the smell! New car parts smell! I managed to walk in maybe 10 steps before I had to stop and just feel the memories flood.

The bulb aisle was all the way in the back of the store. Looking up the part number wasn't difficult, finding the bulb was. Turns out, the store was sold out for the bulb size I needed. Boo. I have a short but growing list of car fixes to make, with changing the bulb being the first one up. I was hoping for better car-fixing momentum than stopped-on-the-first-task.

The only odd thing about the whole car parts experience was the lack of anyone offering to help me. From my previous observations, women are often helped a LOT when dealing with anything remotely car related. Maybe it was the FOAD vibe I was giving off, that kept all the shop guys away.

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