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Watching Gulls Fly


As I was sitting around this morning, working (I know, shock), Kate texted me, "Hiya." After my typical "Hi hi hi!", Kate told me that Liza was playing ultimate at the local middle school, did I want to swing by?

H to the F'ing YES. So many reasons YES. I think the least was that, geez, how many times did Liza sit around watching Kate and me play ultimate? MANY MANY TIMES. The most was because, omg, this person who first had a disc in her hand when she was 3 days old is playing ultimate omg yay! Besides, I hadn't seen her in a year, and wanted to say hello. I put away work and zipped over to the school.

I didn't recognize Liza.

She is 5'11" tall. Let's just think about that for a second: a year ago she was my height. Now she towers over me. And likely isn't fully grown.




I watched Liza play (oh, to have arms and legs so long, she played great defense), delightfully talked on the sidelines with Kate about things, said hello to Eric who was coaching the team, and suppressed the really really strong desire to be playing ultimate again. Mike and Maeryn showed up later with lunch things. The three of us also spent a little bit of time catching up. I needed to dash away for work things (yes, yes, I KNOW), but I extracted promises of invitations to next weekends activities, including Maeryn's sports adventures.

I do so much love that family.

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