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Okay, I'm miffed.

I'm annoyed, bordering on angry, actually. Not really any REAL reason to be, but I am.

See, I was a huge Kickstarter fan. Like over 700 projects backed huge Kickstarter fan. At one point, I was the 57th most prolific backer at Kickstarter.

And then they refused a project of a friend of mine. Said project had one reward in particular that was specifically for me, so that I could commemorate my 700th backed project with a reward from her. And Kickstarter refused to host the project. Well, 100% fuck that.

I pretty much only back project when people personally contact me with an obviously non-form email.

And THEN they come out with this Superbacker moniker for people who have backed a LOT of projects like "OVER TWO HUNDRED PROJECTS."

Guess who doesn't have said Superbacker status?


This Girl.

Double fuck that.

So, THEN I find out that another friend had a kickstarter project, and despite backing two of his previous projects on the site, I wasn't notified of this next project.





Are you TRYING to lose people on the site? Because you're doing a good fucking job at making sure the people who loved your site hate it now.


I am pissed now.

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